The diet plan formulated by the doctor incorporates natural foods as well as
the MediSculpt Therapy meal replacements.

The customised formulated nutritional meal replacements are provided in sachets produced to a very high standard, with the best quality ingredients. 


A wide variety of sachets are available to choose from, including soups, hot and cold drinks, a variety of savoury meals, desserts and snacks. 

Each box contains 7 sachets of the same nutritional meal replacement foods. Please note that one sachet, one bar or one bag of crisps are each considered as a meal. On the full Medisculpt therapy programme, you need 5 boxes of food and a box of cake bites to last for one week, but can substitute a sachet for a crunchy bar or a bag of crisps.


Low-Calorie Diet

We offer a low-calorie diet (LCD) of between 800-1200kcal which does not require medical supervision. We recommend taking 3 food sachets a day and supplementing it with normal meals. There are seven sachets in each box so 3 food boxes should last one week. These can be ordered without having a consultation with us.

We however do not take any responsibility for the amount of weight loss achieved on LCD. 


Medisculpt Therapy 

The full diet program is the MediSculpt Therapy programme which is a medically supervised rapid weight loss diet programme. It is unique because it is classed as a very low-calorie diet (VLCD) that is nutritionally complete with vitamin and minerals supplementation. The calorie intake in VLCDs is between 450-800 kcal/day. We expect a female client to lose 6-10Kg/month and a male client to lose 8-12kg/month. VLCD’s have recently been shown to reverse type 2 diabetes similar to the effect of Bariatric surgery on reversing type 2 diabetes (


We are offering free MediSculpt Therapy consultations for a limited time only. Please contact us if you are interested in a 30min free consultation.