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THERADERM HA Serum & Azulene Care Kit

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid enriched with marine collagen and mucopolysaccharide for superior hydration. Azulene ampoule is an essential organic oil which repairs the skin barrier and the lipid bonds of compromised skin. The high concentration hyaluronic acid increases the water retention in the epidermis resulting in improvement of elasticity of skin and wrinkles.




How to use

Home Use : Mix 40ml of HA Serum with 4ml of azulene care. Shake well and massage in skin. Clinic Use post chemical peel and laser : 1st week, mix 40 ml of HA serum with 5 ml of azulene care. 2nd week, mix 40ml of HA serum with 3 ml of azulene care.



Ingredients (full list)

Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
Solanum Melongena (Eggplant) Fruit Extract



Key Ingredients

Antioxydants, Botanicals, Greens and Algae, Collagen, HA Hyaluronic Acid, Minerals



Expected Results (explanation)

Intensive Hydration, Reduction in wrinkles, firming and lifting effect. Reduction in redness post medical peel and laser.




40ml x2, 8ml x1







THERADERM HA Serum & Azulene Care Kit

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