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THERADERM Alpha Quinone Serum

Alpha quinone is a skin lightening serum that corrects brown spots, blemishes and areas of hyperpigmentation without any skin irritation. The active ingredient Alpha Arbutin has been formulated to mimic the actions of hydroquinone without it’s side effects. The synergistic effect of kojic acid gives a superior lightening effects along with antioxidant effect.




How to use

Home Use: Apply a thick layer over on the area of hyperpigmentation, targeting dark circles around the eye or on the entire face as directed by your skincare specialist.



Ingredients (full list)

Seaweed Extract (Algae Extract)
Hyaluronic Acid



Key Ingredients

Antioxydants, Botanicals, Greens and Algae, HA Hyaluronic Acid, Hydroxy Fruty Acids / AHA / BHA



Expected Results (explanation)

Correction of brown spots, blemishes and areas of hyperpigmentation yielding an even skin tone.



Is it vegan?




Is it safe to use during pregnancy?




Expert's tip

Home Use: Can be used after chemical peel or laser to prevent risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Can be applied under the eyes to alleviate dark circles.







Dark Circles, Hyperpigmentation / PIH and Uneven Skin Colour


THERADERM Alpha Quinone Serum

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