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More About The MediSculpt Therapy

MediSculpt Nutritional Therapy

MediSculpt Nutritional Therapy consists mainly of high protein-based foods which can be made into satisfying meals like omelettes, chicken nuggets, bread rolls & soups to name but a few. The Nutritional Therapy comprises of 5 main meals and a snack a day. The foods come in sachets and all sachets are uniquely formulated to produce rapid weight loss. To supplement the diet some vegetables are also permitted on the programme. The nutritional plan is accurately monitored throughout the programme ensuring blood sugar and blood pressure levels are stable at all times. The metabolic rate is kept high during this treatment due to the high protein-based diet which ensures there is no or only a minimal amount of muscle tissue loss. This ensures that the metabolic rate is not suppressed which is often the case with other means of weight loss programmes.

MediSculpt Skin Tightening Therapy

MediSculpt Skin & Connective Tissue Therapy is carried out weekly using specialised equipment, the LPG Endermologie machine which is designed to firm and tighten the skin. The LPG endermologie device uses a hand head that is equipped with a motorized pulsating flap technology that stimulates a type of skin cells called fibroblasts. The skin is vigorously but painlessly stimulated with precise and specific techniques that encourage cells in the skin (fibroblast cells) to rapidly produce new collagen and elastin fibres. The treatment also aids lymphatic drainage and smoothes the appearance of uneven skin, thus reducing cellulite too. Contouring is an important element of this therapy which is often ignored as a consequence of losing weight with other weight loss programmes.

MediSculpt Radiofrequency Therapy

MediSculpt Radiofrequency Therapy treatments are given weekly, the radiofrequency is targeted to break down fat stores under the skin. Exilis Elite or Vanquish Me are radiofrequency devices which deliver lasting and measurable results in this breakthrough non-surgical aesthetic system. Virtually any area can be treated thanks to the precisely engineered applicator. Radio frequencies are specifically tuned for the treatment of subcutaneous fat cells which are broken down and used by the body as energy. There are no significant side effects after Exilis or Vanquish treatments, some pinkness on the treated area may show and last for about 15-30 minutes. Results last for 18-24 months post treatments. 

MediSculpt Maintenance Programme

On achieving the target weight loss, we have a stabilisation and maintenance programme. This consists of weaning off the sachets and going back to eating normal foods. We measure your metabolic rate and this shows us the number of calories to consum in a day in order to prevent putting back the weight on. We encourage 6 weekly weighs in sessions for up to 1yr post completing the programme. 

How To Get Started:

1. Call our friendly receptionist team for an informal free chat or email us and we will 

send you information about MediSculpt Therapy.

2. Book an appointment with our very experienced and approcheable GP. This can be a free informal consultation to chat with our GP or an initial consultation to start the programme. The GP will check your weight, height, BMI, Body fat percentage, Blood Pressure (BP), measure your metabolic rate, do a full series of blood tests (Unless you have recent blood test results from your own GP), agree a target weight and calculate how long it will take you to achieve your target weight.

3. You then book an appointment with a therapist for your weekly body contouring treatments with the LPG Endermologie and Radiofrequency machines for skin tightening and body fat reduction and your weekly therapist review to check your weight, BP and how you are doing on the programme. 


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Fabulous. I couldn’t recommend it enough, I feel like I have more energy and I just want to do things!

Anne Kay

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