Body Treatments


Soprano Ice - Laser Hair Removal

Soprano ICE Laser hair removal is the process that involves an intense light (laser) being pulsed over the skin to remove unwanted hair by damaging the hair follicle and inhibiting future hair growth. The most common areas of hair removal are the bikini area, underarms, arms, upper lip, legs, neck, and back. Other areas are chin, beard and jaw line, shoulders, chest and abdomen, Nose, neck and ears. We recommend a course of 6-10 laser hair removal treatments with a gap of between 4 and 8 weeks between each appointment. 


Exilis Elite - Contouring & Tightening

Exilis Elite is a radiofrequency device which stimulates collagen and induces lipolysis which causes fat reduction. Treatment is performed around the eyes, and face, neck, Decolletage, Tummy, love handles, thighs, upper arms and labia or vulva areas for intimate treatment especially in women post child birth or in postmenopausal women.       There are no significant side effects after Exilis treatments. We recommend 4-6 sessions performed once a week, effects may continue up to 6 months post treatment. Results last 18-24 months.


Exilis Intima - Intimate Areas

Exilis Intima is a revolutionary treatment for rejuvenating and improving the appearance and firming of female intimate areas. Exilis Intima is the first treatment of its kind, offering patients a non-surgical, non-invasive labia remodelling.This revolutionary procedure leads to improved vaginal appearance and rejuvenation. It is particularly great for postmenopausal women or post child birth. The procedure is completely safe and is performed by a doctor/GP with several years of practice and experience, 4-6 treatments are recommended at 1-2weekly intervals.


Vanquish Me - Fat Reduction

Vanquish Me uses a selective Radio frequency System with a proven track record which is best matched to the impedance of adipocytes and specifically targets fat tissue thereby causing a debulking of fat cells within wide selected areas of the abdomen -tummy. During treatment the penetration depth focal point is approx.10mm below the surface and it uniformly heats approx. 5mm - 15mm of skin to 43 - 45ºC thus causing lipolysis. We recommend 4 – 6 treatments administered approximately once a week.  


Med-Contour Ultrasound - Target Fatty Tissue

Med-Contour ultrasound device uses two beams of ultrasound energy to warm and treat fatty tissue beneath the skin. Ultrasound frequencies are specifically tuned for the treatment of subcutaneous fat cells which are broken down and used by the body as energy. The treatment promotes fat cell mobility and encourages the body to metabolize, drain or reabsorb excess fluids. 

Ultrasound therapy is delivered using a special concave hand piece and the therapist or physician follows the contour of the patient’s body, targeting fatty tissue at a specific depth beneath the skin, this treats the tissue layer that is 1 to 5 cm below the surface of the skin. Heat produced by the ultrasound energy creates a “micromassage” effect on the fat cells. Ultrasound Therapy is non-invasive and pain free with no down time, oil is used on all body surfaces to reduce friction and transmit the ultrasound waves and energy. Treatments are given weekly and usually 4-8 sessions are adequate.


LPG Endermologie - Target Cellulite

LPG endermologie is a procedure that uses a motorized pulsating flap technology that stimulates fibroblasts. It is painless and with no known side effects. The targeted cells then transform the skin from within by stimulating the natural production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid – substances that are essential for causing skin firmness, tightness and increasing volume and suppleness. LPG treatment also aids lymphatic drainage thereby treating cellulite, toning the skin and results in body contouring.Treatments are weekly and usually 6-10 sessions are adequate.


Carboxy Therapy - For Skin & Joints

Carboxy Therapy is very effective for the treatment of skin and joint pathologies (psoriasis, eczema, sores, arthritis, arthrosis and periarthritis), stretch marks, skin laxity/tightening, anti-aging (wrinkles and skin rejuvenation), hair loss/thinning, vascular related sexual impotence (Erectile dysfunction), vaginal rejuvenation, venous ulcer wound healing and localized weight loss procedures. Treatment is completely safe, non-toxic and perfectly compatible with the human body.

Treatment is performed weekly and 6-10 sessions may be required.


Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy is a unique medical and wellness therapy that both heals and detoxifies at the same time. Ozone is a blue coloured form of oxygen and unlike regular oxygen, it is composed of three oxygen atoms. It is used to treat a variety of chronic conditions like arthritis, sciatica, eczema, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, chronic hepatitis, herpes, chronic fatigue states, macular degeneration, colitis, auto-immune diseases and Crohn’s disease.

Ozone therapy is safe to use and can be administered via the blood (autohaemotherapy), rectally or directly to affected areas. Treatments are weekly or monthly depending on your needs.